"Let Israel hope in the Lord…"   
Psalm 130:7             

Our goal is to lovingly present the Gospel to anyone who God brings to us… to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.                                   (Romans 1:16)

Condensed online gleanings...

by Rev. Ron Grossman

A Celebration of Light and Joy
by Hilary Grossman

by Rev. William Aiken

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In this Issue     VOLUME 3  -  ISSUE 2

► Our Dialogue with Jewish Friends - Rev. Ken Godon

► I-Hope Canada’s Prophecy Conference Schedule

► The Gospel of Reconciliation -part two - Rev. Ron Grossman

► The Signs of Christ’s Second Coming -part two - Rev. Steven Kreloff

► Islam is NOT a Peaceful Religion -part one - Dr. Thomas Ice

► The Sign of His Coming -part two - Barry Beebe

► Bible Studies

► Chanukah -A Celebration of Light and Joy - Hilary Grossman

► Portraits of Messiah -Psalm 22: 1-18 - Rev. William Aiken

► I-Hope’s Quarterly Book Offer

► Israel Teaching Tour

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