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Dear Praying Friends:

Last week the Jewish community worldwide celebrated the Biblical feast of Purim. On the evening of April 19, the Feast of Passover will be remembered. This is the most hallowed of all of Israel's remembrances. I still remember well my wife Hilary telling me as we departed from her parents home at Passover 1980, less than a year after she had prayed to receive Messiah; "How can they not see Messiah in The Passover." 40 years later we still wonder and pray for our unsaved Jewish family as well as the Jewish community worldwide, that they might "see Messiah, and run to Him." (Zechariah 12, 13 & 14). Both these feasts recall God's supernatural deliverance of His people, Israel. At Purim Israel rejoices that God thwarted the plans to annihilate all Jewish people. At Passover Israel remembers how God kept His promise and liberated Israel from slavery in Egypt and brought them out to the land He promised to Abraham. (Genesis 12:1-3) On the day I write this letter I have been home from our annual Southeast USA trip for a week. This trip provided the following highlights:

Pray for:
1) Kimberly, Fredericksburg, VA: She served me supper my third night out. She has attended a Baptist church in the past, but her special needs son was too much a challenge for the children's church. She has signed on to Israel's Hope Bible Church Facebook Community
2) Other witnessing opportunities: Duncan in Lakeland, FL, An unnamed server at Olive Garden in Lakeland, FL; Two ladies at a Philadelphia Phillies game in Clearwater who accepted tracts with witness to Jesus as Messiah; Two front desk people at my hotel in Florence, SC, Nikki and Angela. They received tracts and gave me e-mails for follow-up. I have e-mailed. One address is not a working address. Pray that the other lady responds.

Praise for:
1) The Lord's provision, that we were able to make this trip. I have firmly believed for years now that The Lord simply says to go: Matthew 28:18-20. He takes care of the rest: 2 Chronicles 31:10
2) Our new revamped web page: One of our board members has worked tirelessly the past 4 days leading up to the date of writing here. The result is a web page, still under construction, but now working. We have begun to post our most recent Sunday messages that go on live to our church Facebook community page: Israel's Hope Bible Church. You can also "participate" with us on our interactive Facebook community page: Israel's Hope Ministries Discussion Group. General information appears on Facebook at Israel's Hope Ministries.

Pray For:
a) Ron: Scheduled for surgery, April 11. Nothing life threatening, but a major corrective procedure that is needed. The recovery period is lengthy, 12 weeks. Pray for no complications, and no infection as was the case with the last two major procedures.
b) Our growing family: We have 5 grandchildren now. The Lord has been good. We now ask that you pray with us for the salvation of all 5 of these children and for their parents as they do the day to day work of raising them.
c) Ministry growth: Pray with us for ministry staff. Specifically, we are asking The Lord to send someone to work with us here in Ottawa and start to oversee the work here, over time. Pray as we look to expand our presence in other key locations as we anticipate someone to come. Pray for "B" who has been here to see us. Pray for a major decision we need to make in relation to this.
d) Hilary: As she continues to assist me as able while holding down full-time work with Gov't. of Canada, Indigenous Services.
e) Joshua: As he continues to work three half days per week as a teacher's aid in a local elementary school.
f) The Lord's Provision: The summer months approach. Ministry continues, but often giving does not. Pray that The Lord send enough for the time ahead

Praise For:
1) Two new churches that have indicated they will support us, as fruit from the most recent USA trip. The Lord is good. These two churches replace two other churches who have stopped supporting us.

Thank to all of you who have prayed and given sacrificially to the work The Lord has called us to. Pray as we seek to continue to serve Him here and where He directs us. Bible studies in Montreal and Toronto will stop until the autumn, soon. (This is due to my upcoming surgery date). Pray as we continue to serve in our church setting in Ottawa.

Shalom in Christ;

From the desk of
Rev. Ron Grossman
President of Israel's Hope Ministries of Canada
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We are a Canadian based mission dedicated to reaching Jewish people -- and all of God's people -- with The Gospel, through the work of direct evangelism, along with Bible preaching and teaching so as to equip the church in the Great Commission.

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